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KRAKOW SIGHTSEEING - regular tour by minibus

Krakow is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central Europe, chosen as the European City of Culture 2000. The Old Town of Krakow was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Krakow has a unique charm, created by centuries of history and cultural wealth. With its very special climate of culture and art, this city gives us a lesson about the history of Poland and Europe. It is a place You will keep coming back to, each time to discover new objects of startling beauty.

Itinerary: Barbican, Florian Gate; Kazimierz - former Jewish District; Wawel Hill - Royal Castle,  Royal Cathedral and Chambers; walking via Royal Route - Grodzka Street to Old Market Square (european largest Medieval square) with the Renaissance Cloth Hall - Sukiennice and St. Mary’s Basilica with the unique altar curved in wood in 15th c.

Route: walk by the Royal Route – Kazimierz – Wawel Hill

Operated: every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all year long

Duration: approx. 3.5 hrs (tour ends on the Main Square around 1:00 p.m.)

Pick-up: check our departures list and map of KrakowIncludes: english speaking guide, 3 admission fees to: Royal Cathedral and Chambers on the Wawel Castle  and St. Mary's Basilica, transportation by minibus

Note: the distance between the Wawel Castle and the Main Square  is done on foot


THREE FACES of KRAKOW - regular tour by bus

Taking this tour will let You discover historical differences and specific types of architecture in Krakow.

Nowa Huta was founded in 1949 and centered on Poland's first integrated steelworks. This is the best example of a socialist realist city. During the sightseeing, You will have the opportunity to see the Central Square, then Mogila's former village with the Cistercians Monastery as an example of sacral architecture   preserved  very close to grey blocks for inhabitants, entrance gate to Metal Steelworks, formerly named after Lenin, the Rose Avenue, Folk Theatre and the 'Arka' Church in Bienczyce.

Afterwards, You will go to former Jewish District - Kazimierz with lots of synagogues and its unique atmosphere to have a cup of coffee in one of the jewish cafés.

The next stop is the Old Town of Krakow with the Cloth Hall - Sukiennice on the Main Market Square and St. Mary's Basilica.

Route: Nowa Huta - Kazimierz – Old Town

Operated: every Monday, Wednesday, Sunday, all year long

Duration: approx. 3.5 hrs (tour ends on the Main Square around 1:00 p.m.)

Price: 130 PLN (for an adult and a student), 60 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: english speaking guide, admission fee to one of the synagogues and St. Mary's Basilica, a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants, transportation by minibus

KAZIMIERZ JEWISH DISTRICT retracing the “Schindler’s List” - regular tour by bus

This tour leads You into the south-east district of Krakow – Kazimierz, historical centre of Jewish religious and social life. Kazimierz was originally founded as a separate town near Krakow where, since 14th century Jews had the right to settle down.

Szeroka Street is a remnant of the former market square with Old Synagogue, Isaac's Synagogue and Remuh Synagogue. You will also visit Podgorze quarter - where ghetto was established, Schindler's factory on 4 Lipowa Street (during WWII enamelled pots and pans were manufactured here. Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German industrialist from Czechoslovakia, saved Jews from labour camps by employing them in this factory. His story was told in Schidler’s List ) and Plaszow Camp Memorial (the large monument commemorating all the victims who died in the Plaszow concentration camp. Established in 1942 near the site of an old granite quarry, it was the largest concentration camp in Krakow area)

Route: Kazimierz – Podgorze - Plaszow

Operated: every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for minimum 2 persons

Duration: 3.5 hrs

Price: 150.00 PLN (for an adult and a student), 75.00 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: english speaking guide, 2 admission fees, transportation by minibus


The KL Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum was established by the Polish Government in 1947 on the site on the largest Nazi concentration camp, which was set up in 1940 for prisoners from Poland. From 1942 it became one of the biggest extermination camps for the European Jews.

In recognition of its historical significance as a memorial to all who suffered and died there, the Museum  was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The tour includes visiting Auschwitz I, which was the original camp, serving as the administrative center for the whole complex and Auschwitz II – Birkenau, which was designed strictly as a concentration camp.

Route: Krakow - Auschwitz - Birkenau - Krakow

  • afternoon tour: daily in the afternoon, from April 1st till October 15th
  • morning tour: daily in the morning, all year round

Duration: approx. 5.5 hrs (comeback to Krakow around 7:00 p.m.)

Price: 130.00 PLN (for an adult), 90.00 PLN (for a student under 26 years of age), 60.00 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: standard visit to KL Auschwitz and Birkenau Camps, assistance of an english speaking tour leader, documentary movie about history of Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps, services of the Museum local guide, rental cost of headphones, transportation by coach

Pick-up: check our departures list and map of Krakow

Note: this tour is not suitable for children under the age of 14


The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages. Its original excavations (longitudinals, traverses, chambers, lakes, as well as minor and major shafts) are located on nine levels and extend for the total of about 300 kilometres: reaching the depth of 327 metres  they illustrate all the stages of mining technology development over time.

During the tour through the Mine, You will see underground chambers hewn out in the salt rock, statues sculpted in salt and saline lakes. Visitors may take a walk of 2.5 km through 3 levels, down to 136 metres  below ground level.

This point of our tourist programme is also entered on the UNESCO List of World Heritage.

Route: Krakow - Wieliczka - Krakow

  • afternoon tour: daily in the afternoon, from April 1st till October 2nd
  • morning tour: daily in the morning, all year round

Duration: 3.5 hrs (comeback to Krakow around 1:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.)

Price: 135 PLN (for an adult), 100 PLN (for a student under 26 years of age), 70 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: english speaking tour leader, services of the Mine guide, lift up, entrance ticket to the Salt Mine, transportation by coach

Pick-up: check our departures list and map of Krakow

  • this tour is not recommended for those, who have problems with walking or are claustrophobic
  • to get to the 1st level, all tourists need to descent a wooden stairway of 378 stairs
  • lift down to the first level is extra paid (about 300.00 PLN)
  • ID card for students is necessary
  • underground temperature: +14'C (55'F)

NATIONAL PARK Ojcow and Pieskowa Skala Castle - regular tour by bus

Jurassic Landscape National Park Tour

In the Ojcow National Park, which covers a surface area of 1440 hectares in the Valley of the Pradnik enclosed by Pieskowa Skala cliffs, You can see virtually all of the natural components of a Jurassic landscape.

Driving along a winding road, we pass breathtaking Jurassic rock formations such as the "Cracovian Gate" and the "Club of Hercules" - the unbelievable limestone column, which seems to be placed upside down. You will see the ruins of Ojcow Castle and the "little church on the water".

On the route along the tourist "Eagles' Nests Trail", You visit one of Poland's masterpieces of Renaissance palace architecture – the Pieskowa Skala Castle, which houses a branch of the Wawel State Art Collection.

Route: Krakow - Ojcow - Pieskowa Skala - Krakow

Operated: every Wednesday for minimum 2 persons

Duration: up to 4 hours (62 km round trip)

Price: 170.00 PLN (for an adult and a student), 85.00 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: english speaking guide, admission fee to the Castle, coffee break, transportation by minibus

JOHN PAUL II and St. Sister Faustina's remembrance_regular tour by minibus

This tour includes visiting the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Lagiewniki, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Wadowice - Pope John Paul II birthplace. 

Lagiewniki is a district of Krakow famous thanks to Saint Sister Faustina, an apostle of the Divine Mercy. Sister Mary Faustina Kowalska promulgated the worship of God's Charity and the painting "Jesus, I Trust You" - the shrine of Divine Mercy. Annually, each leading Sunday, pilgrimages from all over Europe arrive to pray in front of the miraculous likeness and Saint Faustina's tomb. On 17th August 2002, the Pope John Paul II consecrated the newly built Basilica and devoted the whole World to the Divine Mercy.

After visiting the sanctuary of Saint Faustina the tour is going for Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, also a destination for tourists and pilgrims. There is a famous Way of the Cross with 42 chapels illustrating Christ's passion. Among other historic sights noteworthy are: the church and the monastery of Friars Observant, dating back to the 17th century, as well as their rich furnishing. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The last stop in Wadowice - the town where the Pope John Paul II was born. You will visit his family house and parish church dating back to the 15th c. (a donation to the church would be appreciated).

Route: Krakow - Lagiewniki - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - Wadowice - Krakow

Operated: every Thursday and Saturday for minimum 2 persons

Duration: up to 5 hours (100 km round trip)

Price: 170.00 PLN (for an adult and a student), 85.00 PLN (for a child under 14 years of age)

Includes: english speaking guide, 2 admission fees, transportation by minibus

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